Lemon Olive Oil Cake

The softest, fluffiest cake that bursts with the flavor of lovely lemon. This cake, made with olive oil which keeps it moist for days, uses lemon zest and freshly squeezed lemon juice in the cake. It also gets an extra boost of tart lemon from a lemon soak poured over the cake after baking.

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Everyday Butter Cake

Everyday Butter Cake

A cross between a tea cake and a butter cake, this is a simple & quick vanilla cake recipe that leads to a fluffy snacking style cake good for any day, anytime.

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  • Poppy Seed Cake

    Super soft, fluffy poppy seed layer cake. Poppy seeds take center stage in this recipe, lending a delicious and delicate crunch to every bite. Poppy cake layers sandwich some lemon curd and the cake is wrapped in a poppy seed vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. 
  • Meyer Lemon Curd

    Silky smooth, buttery meyer lemon curd made in ten minutes in one pot. This recipe uses whole eggs and a lot of meyer lemon juice to achieve a lovely tart flavor.
  • Persian Love Cake

    A fluffy and moist almond cake infused with cardamom, lemon and rosewater. This persian love cake features two layers and is covered twice with a rosewater and lemon glaze, topped with pistachios and dried rose petals.
  • Chocolate Raspberry Tart

    Creamy and tart raspberry custard sits in an oreo crust and is topped with a thick, creamy chocolate whipped cream.
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Everyday Brown Butter Cake

Unbelievably tender brown butter cake made with brown sugar for extra caramel & nutty notes. This everyday tea style cake is made easy with a just whisk and in one bowl.
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